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The staff and governors of St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary
School warmly welcome you and your child to our community.
We believe a strong partnership between school and parents
is essential to the best interests of your child and
therefore we ask you to enter into a
Partnership of Agreement.

Aims of Our School

1. To encourage the school community to live

out the Gospel of Jesus  Christ.

2. To promote close links between the

school, home, parish and  community.

3. To provide a secure, happy, stimulating, and attractive

learning  environment, where every individual is

valued and nurtured, in an
atmosphere that encourages the belief that every child has a
valuable contribution to make to the life of the school.

4. To promote the intellectual, moral,

social, spiritual, aesthetic and
physical development of every child

to his/her full potential by
means of a differentiated curriculum

that meets the needs of the

5. To promote a spirit of tolerance and understanding that will  

enable each child to celebrate and enjoy

the diversity of the

The School’s Responsibilities

As a school we will:


  • Always inform you at an early stage of any 

concerns we may have so that you can discuss and
become involved in any matter relating to your
child. Likewise, staff are available by appointment
should you have any concerns that you would like
to raise.

  • Provide work that is within the child’s ability but 

extends their learning and development.

  • Provide a safe, well ordered and caring 


  • Demonstrate that each and every child is valued 

as an individual.

  • Keep you regularly informed of your child’s 


  • Set high expectations for your child, always 

ensuring that s/he grows in confidence from real
progress in her/his learning.

Parental Responsibilities

As a parent I will:


  • Encourage my child to participate in an 

understanding of church teaching.

  • Support the school in maintaining high standards 

of behaviour by subscribing to the school’s
behaviour and discipline policy.

  • Ensure regular attendance and a high standard of 


  • Inform the school promptly if my child cannot 


  • Work in partnership with staff of the school to 

enable my child to develop their full potential.

  • Encourage my child to read and hear her/him read 

on a regular basis.

  • Support my child’s learning including ensuring the 

completion of any homework set.

Expectation of Pupils


As a pupil I will:

  • Recognise the personal worth of every individual 

in the sight of God.

  • Show that I am willing to work to the best of my 


  • Encourage my parent/s to be involved with my 


  • Always follow the school rules.
  • Come to school regularly and on time.
  • Complete any homework activities that I am 

asked to do on time.