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Positive Behaviour and Discipline


The school follows the general discipline policy of the Birmingham Local

Like all establishments we have a set of rules. The five school rules at St
Patrick’s are the backbone of our Behaviour Policy. Children are expected to
follow these rules at all times and encourage other children to do the right
thing by showing these positive behaviours. In addition to five school rules,
there are five playground rules.


School Rules Playground Rules
Keep your hands feet and objects to
Follow the supervisors’ instructions
straight away.
Follow instructions as soon as they are
Do not spoil other children’s games.
Speak quietly to those around you. Play games that do not hurt others.
Be kind to others by not swearing,
spitting or calling them or their family
Try to resolve problems without

These rules were established to bring a consistent approach to playtime/lunchtime discipline.
Classrooms also have a set of class routines, individual to that class which show
the behaviours teachers want to see in their classrooms. The class routines are
directly rooted in the five school rules and are a more specific expectation of
our children. These routines do not contradict the school rules merely clarify
them by actual examples of desired behaviours.

The Head, Head of School and Assistant Head deal with cases of serious
misbehaviour and parents will be informed. Parents will be asked to visit the
school to discuss the most appropriate sanction.

Children are expected to obey the instructions of ALL adults employed in the
school. This rule extends to the lunchtime supervisors who have care and
control of the children during lunchtime. They are employed by the Governors
of the School and have authority over the children. Parents are requested to
respect this fact and encourage their children to do likewise. Any child who has
difficulty accepting these rules will be expected to go home at lunchtime and be
under the supervision of their parents.

All children are expected to work hard at all times and do everything in their
power, both within and outside school, to represent St. Patrick’s in a positive

A detailed copy of the school's Behaviour and Discipline Policy is issued to
parents at the beginning of each academic year. Parents should make themselves
familiar with this policy in order to support the school in maintaining a well
disciplined, learning environment