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Gifted and Talented

Gifted - children who have the ability to achieve at the highest level in academic
subjects within our school.

Talented - children who have the ability to achieve at the highest level in practical
subjects within our school.


Children who are gifted in academic subjects or talented in other areas of the
curriculum also need support for them to reach their full potential. A school register
is kept of the children in each class who are gifted or talented and Phase
Leaders/teachers look out for opportunities to support these children throughout their
time at St Patrick’s.

Gifted children are provided for in school in the following ways:


  • Planned differentiation in whole class lessons;
  • Planned challenges in lessons;
  • Additional adult support to further accelerate progress.

Talented children in school are supported in the following ways:

  • Clubs that are run during and after school. Our sports clubs also lead to 

competitive events within the local area and further afield in the city.

  • Specialist musicians work in school with a number of individuals and classes. At present we have the Birmingham Music Service working in school.
  • Themed weeks in school also support Gifted and Talented children. 
  • Children may also be signposted for support which cannot be provided in school.

If you feel that your child has a particular skill that we don’t know about at school
please speak to their class teacher.