School starts at 8.55 am BUT the doors are open at 8.45 am. Please try and have your child/ren already in the school playground by this time.

Children should not arrive before 8:40 am as supervision is not available and we cannot accept responsibility for children UNLESS THEY ARE ATTENDING BREAKFAST CLUB. Children arriving after 8.55 am will be given a late mark in the register. Entry is then only gained by going to the front entrance of the school.

We will still be targeting children whose attendance is below 95% and those children who are persistently late for school.


Ideally, appointments for the dentist, optician, doctor etc should be made during lunchtime, after school or during the school holidays. Obviously this cannot always be the case. If you do need to collect your child early from school please bring the appointment card with you to show the School Office. Please note that children should not be collected for any other reason unless authorised by the Headteacher.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE Parents who wish to take their child/ren out of school during term time must come into school and request a ‘Leave of Absence’ form whether it is for a day or longer. This should be returned to the school for the Headteacher’s attention and as far in advance as possible. Permission for authorised leave of absence may be granted in exceptional circumstances only and NOT for holiday leave. The school is routinely checked to ensure that we are following these procedures.

LATE COLLECTION OF CHILDREN School finishes at 3.15 pm. A parent (or responsible adult) is expected to collect their child promptly at this time. Children who walk home by themselves are expected to leave the premises straight away after the bell has gone and they have been dismissed. Members of staff have other commitments after school and are not paid to supervise children who are collected late.

Please note that persistent late collection of children can be interpreted as ‘abandonment’ and as such the school is within its rights to contact Children’s Services and the Police.


The only medication that should be brought into school should be prescribed by a doctor.

Parents must come into the school to complete a ‘School Medication Consent Form’ before any medication can be administered.

Medicines must be in their original container, labelled clearly with the contents, your child’s name, the dosage and when to administer it.

All medication with the exception of inhalers and Epi-pens will be kept safely in the Head’s Office.

Please note: If your child is issued with medication to be given three times a day-this does not need to be administered in school as one dose can be given before school, one when your child arrives home from school and one before bedtime. Therefore, only medicine prescribed with a four times a day dosage really needs to be in school for the extra dose to be given at lunchtime. Your co-operation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.